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Radiance Facials

Radiance Facials

Blissful Radiance: without pain €50 with pain (brows+extraction) €60

One hour and fifteen minutes of absolute bliss, using targeted, results-based Skinician products to cleanse, gently exfoliate, and illuminate the skin. Lots of massage and heavenly treats. Give yourself permission to switch off and float! 

Side effects: stress dissolving, deep relaxation, wonderful nights sleep 

Advise:  Don’t Talk!  – book an evening appointment and come in your pyjamas! 

Deep Cleansing Radiance: 1hr 30 mins €65 brows included. 

A cleanse followed by a skin analysis. Enzyme peel to get your glow back. Galvanic is then used to draw out impurities. Extraction is followed by a high-frequency treatment that has an anti-bacterial, and soothing action. Therapeutic face, neck, and shoulder massage completed with a mask.

Soothing Radiance: 1hr 15 mins €55

Have you got sensitivity, redness, rosacea? 

Calming but results-based treatment. We understand that delicate sensitive skin also needs to be deep-cleansed and exfoliated. This is done appropriately, without aggravating the condition of the skin. Using the gentle Skinician non-abrasive enzyme peel with our rose-quartz roller to improve lymphatic drainage and remove dead skin. 

This is followed by a gentle pressure point and lymphatic drainage massage. 

Ice repair machine is then used over a soothing mask to cool, refine pores and lock in nutrition.


Steam Clean: 45mins €25

Congested, problematic, acne-prone skin? 

Great for teens. Steam will draw out impurities and soften blockages and congestion leaving it really easy for our extraction using a hydro suction machine! Option to go home with your mask on for even more results. 

Deep Cleanse: 1hr €50

Galvanic – draw out impurities

Steam – Soften Congestion 

Hydro Suction – Remove excess oil and blackheads 

Mask – Soothe, nourish

Super Deep Cleanse: 1hr 15 mins €80

Galvanic, Hydro suction, Glycolic Peel, Mask  

Ultimate Hydro Radiance: 1hr 30mins €190

This really is the Ultimate Treat for your face and will deliver guaranteed amazing results. Fantastic as a preparation for a special occasion or to maintain superb skin have every 8 weeks. 


  • Hydrodermabrasion  
  • Deep Peel using glycolic plus or lactic acid
  • Bio micro-electric therapy
  • Hybronic acid sheet mask with RF, Ultrasound
  • Ice Repair 
  • Oxygen Spray
  • LED Mask 

This is the creme de la creme of treatment and we are so excited to introduce it as being completely exclusive to Radiant Touch Beauty Salon.